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Front St rezoning proposal special meeting at City Hall

More than 100 residents attended a special Perth Amboy Council Meeting on January 29th to voice concerns about rezoning proposals in Perth Amboy. Specifically, Waterfront Neighborhood Association members attended the meeting to voice their concerns about why the proposed rezoning removed legal requirements of parking spaces for proposed new businesses on Front St. Questions about the impact of the increased use of the waterfront through the commercialization of Front St were raised, and if any studies were done to measure if the capacity for growth was there, such as a parking study. Ideas like resident parking were proposed, as Continue reading Front St rezoning proposal special meeting at City Hall


Building relationships with City Departments

As a new group we continue to reach out to the City and have been successful in establishing relationships with City Departments. Recently we worked with the Department of Public Works Director Frank Hoffman and Daniel Cleaver who were very receptive to ideas of relocating the Port a Potties from the entrance of Bayview Park to be less of an eye sore as it was an important issue to many residents. The Port a potties were moved to a more discreet location. It was a great experience in communication and responsiveness.


Bayview Park Adoption

We are pleased to announce that the Waterfront Neighborhood Association has been given permission to adopt Bayview Park! BJ Torres worked with the Office of Recreation and the Adopt a Park application was approved. Waterfront Neighborhood Association members regularly clean up the litter, but we will also be holding organized clean ups.