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Perth Amboy Air Quality Alert

Perth Amboy has been under an air quality alert since Tuesday evening. Air quality levels have reached very unhealthy due to smoke from wildfires in Canada. Air quality is dangerous for all individuals at this time and Governor Murphys has urged people to stay inside if possible. shows current air quality conditions.

The City of Perth Amboy Office of Emergency Management has been sending out nixie messages about the air quality alerts. The City has informed residents to wear a mask, keep windows and doors closed, use an air purifier and do not exercise outside.

The poor air quality is due to high levels of particle matter in the air. called PM2.5 – Particle Pollution, extremely small particles that can harm the heart and lungs.


Tax Credits and Rebates for Energy Efficient Appliances and Home Improvements

Homeowners in Perth Amboy can purchase items affordably to upgrade their homes and save energy costs. The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 provides federal tax credits and deductions to purchase energy efficient appliances and make home improvements that reduce your energy costs. A homeowner can reduce monthly energy costs by purchasing an energy efficient appliance and making other energy efficiency improvements, and there are up to $3200 in tax credits for homeowners to do so. These credits are available through 2032. When you couple this with the rebates offered by companies for energy efficient appliances, offered by PSEG and Elizabethtown gas for example, it is a great incentive to buy these items at the low cost. For example, an energy efficient gas dryer is eligible for a $200 rebate, plus the tax credits.