NJ November Vote by Mail

All About the November NJ VOTE BY MAIL Election

Today Governor Murphy announced that the November 3rd General Election in NJ will be largely vote by mail. All active registered voters will receive a prepaid return postage vote by mail ballot. There will be no sample ballot mailed out, only the official ballot.

Ballots will start to arrive to registered voters on Sept 19th. All ballots will be sent out by county clerks by Oct. 5.

You have options to sending in your ballot. You can mail it in and all ballots being returned through the U.S. Postal System must be postmarked by Nov. 3 and will be accepted by the county clerk until Nov. 10th. Or you can deposit your ballot in a secure drop box (in Perth Amboy the dropbox is at the Police Dept.) Or you can hand your ballot in directly to a poll worker at a polling place on Election Day.

If you choose to vote in person, there will be some polling places open where you can vote by provisional ballot. Each municipality will be required to open at least one in-person polling site. All individuals with disabilities will have access to an ADA-conforming voting machine.

Murphy said the vote by mail primary was a huge success with the second-highest state primary turnout in history. And so vote by mail will take place for the November general election.