Perth Amboy Drinking Water

Cancer linked contaminant found in Perth Amboy tap water

Recent tests done (Jan 2019-March 2019) by the nonprofit Environmental Working Group (EWG) found Perth Amboy tap water to be within Federal EPA guidelines, but they found 1 cancer linked contaminant Chromium (hexavalent) in our tap water that exceeded their EWG guidelines for safety. EWG says that EPA standards have not been updated in 20 years and do not take into account the findings of most recent studies of safety.  In a new database that the public can use to monitor what is in their tap water, you can see what contaminants have been found.  Click here to view information EWG released about Perth Amboy Tap Water. It is important for the public to inform themselves about the facts about safe drinking water. The database recommends specific types of filters that you can use to remove contaminants from the Perth Amboy drinking water. Charcoal filters are not enough to remove the contaminants.