Door to Door Community Health Team Walking in Perth Amboy

Perth Amboy has been hard hit by COVID. The number of cases and deaths from COVID in Perth Amboy is in line with communities triple our size. Members of the Middlesex County community health team have been assigned to go door to door in Perth Amboy to help residents get vaccine information and other information about programs to help with hardships from COVID, like rental assistance.

The Middlesex County Community Health Team will be going door-to-door daily in Perth Amboy from 1 pm to 6 pm.  Members of this team will always wear masks and observe appropriate social distancing protocols while engaging residents. The community health team members will be credentialed with identification badges as the “Middlesex Community Health Team” and will be wearing bright neon safety vests while they are working in the community.  They will be providing information about COVID Testing, Vaccines and Boosters, Telehealth and connecting with physicians, emergency rental assistance, food assistance, and more.