Perth Amboy City Hall

Front St rezoning proposal special meeting at City Hall

More than 100 residents attended a special Perth Amboy Council Meeting on January 29th to voice concerns about rezoning proposals in Perth Amboy. Specifically, Waterfront Neighborhood Association members attended the meeting to voice their concerns about why the proposed rezoning removed legal requirements of parking spaces for proposed new businesses on Front St. Questions about the impact of the increased use of the waterfront through the commercialization of Front St were raised, and if any studies were done to measure if the capacity for growth was there, such as a parking study. Ideas like resident parking were proposed, as residents of the waterfront have already experienced difficulties parking from increased use in the area, from the new amenities in Bayview Park, the beautiful restoration of the waterfront and the new active Spirituality Center which has no on site parking but holds events daily. Suggestions were made that proposals for rezoning changes be handled by variance so that we can have planned growth. The City Council listened to residents for hours. Ultimately it seemed unanimous that everyone wants Perth Amboy to thrive but not at the expense of the Quality of Life of residents. Annie Hindenlang, Perth Amboy’s City planning consultant said that no parking study had been done and that resident parking would be necessary to implement any of the proposed rezoning changes.