Perth Amboy City Council Runoff Election Dec 13 2022

The Perth Amboy City Council Runoff Election is schedule for Tuesday Dec 13 by executive order signed by Acting Gov. Sheila Oliver.  You can vote in person on Tuesday Dec 13 from 6am-8pm at your usual polling location in Perth Amboy. If you are signed up for vote by mail, ballots began to be received this week. Vote by mail ballots can be placed in the secure drop box locations in Perth Amboy, in front of City Hall and by the Police Department entrance. You can also mail your vote by mail ballot through the post office. You can fill out a request to vote by mail in this election by Dec 6th from the Middlesex County Board of Elections. There is no early in person voting in this election. 

Perth Amboy passed a law requiring candidates in municipal elections to win by getting 50% plus one vote, and since no one achieved that, it triggering the runoff election this Dec 2022. 

The Perth Amboy City Council race is to fill 3 seats for 4 year terms. The candidate are Joel Pabon, Jeanette Rios, and Junior Iglesia slate running against Milady Tejada, Kenneth Puccio and Hailey Cruz slate.