Perth Amboy Parks are smoke free

Perth Amboy Parks Are Smoke Free

Perth Amboy was at the forefront of taking action to improve the quality of life of its residents and protect public health in relation to the threat of smoking by creating smoke free parks. In 2013, Perth Amboy banned outdoor smoking in and around public parks. The City Code Chapter 377 Smoking and Lighted Objects says outdoor smoking is banned “in public parks and recreational areas. In or on public parks, playgrounds, ball fields, recreational areas, and any adjacent parking area, driveway, and drive aisle, owned or otherwise possessed by the City of Perth Amboy.”

The code says that the smoke free park rule is an effort to protect the public health from  “the annoyance, nuisance and health hazard which result from secondhand smoke.” Smoking in a park here holds a fine of up to $50.