Perth Amboy Residents Concerned about Trucking

Perth Amboy residents have expressed concern on social media and at council meetings about their quality of life. One major issue has been trucking and the impact of trucking on residential streets and neighborhoods. Residents don’t want trucks on residential streets. They want truck routes created and enforced. Streets where there are no truck signs still have 18 wheelers rolling by no problem. Truck traffic produces a low quality of life for Perth Amboy residents and residents would greatly appreciate attention to correcting this issue.

The Perth Amboy City Council in 2022 has been working to increase fines for trucks violating local laws. The residents can present to the city a request for a monthly report on tickets for violations of truck routes. This may be one method to increase accountability for improving quality of life on this important issue to residents. Valuable trees have been taken down in neighborhoods from trucks. Air quality is poor, noise and unsightly conditions, impact to roads and dangerous driving conditions all from increased trucking and violations.