PSE&G warns customers about scams

Perth Amboy residents have reported receiving phone calls from people saying they are from PSE&G and demanding immediate payment for overdue balances and threatening to shut service off. PSE&G and the Perth Amboy Police Dept have confirmed that these are scam calls.

PSE&G said scammers are trying to extract money from PSE&G customers by impersonating employees on the phone and in person.

PSE&G advised that customers should be alert to scam calls or visits. If you would like to confirm any requests for payment or shut off threats, you can call PSE&G directly at 1-800-436-7734.

Signs of scam activity include-

Threat to shut off your power- scammers aggressively say the bill is past due and demand payment immediately, even within an hour.

Request for immediate payment on a past due bill- scammers tell you to purchase a prepaid card, gift card or bitcoin and to call them back to supposedly made a phone payment to PSEG. Or they may say use a payment app to make an online payment. Or give instructions to meet in person , supposedly at a customer center. They say things like, your initial payment did not go through and you have to pay again. This is a scam.

In person demands- Someone coming to your house demanding payment. They may have a fake uniform. No PSEG rep asks for personal info. This is a scam.

Request for Personal Info- Never arrange payment or give out your account or personal information including social security number or debit or credit card information.

Priority meter installs- PSEG does not require a deposit for meter installations.

If you experience a scam call, email or visit, you should call the Perth Amboy Police Dept 732-324-3865 and file a report.