Perth Amboy Drinking Water

Second Drinking Water Quality Violation Notice Sent to Perth Amboy Residents

A notice sent out to Perth Amboy residents June 20, 2019 from the Perth Amboy Water Department  says the water quality drinking standard has been violated for Perth Amboy drinking water. Read the notice in English notice. Read the notice in Spanish. This is the second notice about drinking water violations, the other received in Feb 2019. The letter says the water is contaminated with TTHM above the quality standard for drinking water. It says the water is safe to drink, but it also says that over time it is not safe to drink and may cause illness. Also, a population at risk for the water currently not being safe to drink given the contamination, are the elderly, children, pregnant women and those with compromised immune system.  The letter says the situation will not be corrected until the end of 2019.

Using bottled water to drink and cook with is a way to prevent health risk from drinking contaminated water. Also, you can purchase water filters for the home that remove TTHM.