Telehealth a Great Option and Experience

During the flu outbreak in December 2022, drug store shelves were stripped of cold medicine and doctors offices were full. Sometimes doctors were not taking appointments because symptoms could have been covid. Instead of going to urgent care, Telehealth was a great option, to immediately get access to a doctor online to meet with you and determine your care and explore treatment options.

We tried Convenient Care– The Hackensack Meridian Health 24/7 TeleMedicine option. This telemedicine care is for things like colds, the flu, allergy treatment, pink eye, urinary tract infections, and determining need for COVID-19 testing. Middlesex County Government has a coupon “Middlesex” that makes the visit $15.

The meeting with the doctor was like a zoom call on your phone or computer. The doctor needs to know your symptoms so its important to prepare to tell the doctor what you are experiencing since they cant examine you in person. For example, if you have ear pain and think you might have an ear infection, list your symptoms like pain, clogged ear, and when it started, etc. The doctor will review your symptoms and will give you a prescription, if necessary, sent to your pharmacy, for antibiotics in the case of a possible ear infection.

After you create an account for the telehealth and login, you can set up an appointment and immediately be scheduled to see a doctor online.

It is a great immediate option for certain illnesses that they outline on the site.

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