Perth Amboy Drinking Water

USA-PA Violates Drinking Water Standards

USA-PA who supplies Perth Amboy water says that the water that they supplied us was found to have contaminants and they have violated drinking water standards. In a letter dated 2/21/19 mailed to Perth Amboy “customers,” USA-PA notified us about the problem. They said that testing results from 1/7/19 showed that they exceed the maximum contaminant level for TTHM. They say this is not an emergency, but also say that drinking this level of contamination over time increases risk to problems with liver, kidneys, central nervous system and may increase risk of cancer. They also say that women who are pregnant, infants, the elderly or anyone with a compromised immune system may be at increased risk from drinking the water and should talk to a doctor about drinking the water.

They say you don’t no need to boil the water. They did not say the water has been restored to drinking water standards, but they did say they are working on it. Many members of the Perth Amboy community did not receive this notice, as they are not directly the customers or homeowners, but renters. Attached is the copy mailed out in both English and Spanish.

At the Perth Amboy City Council meeting on Feb 27th, 2019, PerthAmboy residents addressed the City Council asking what is being done. Questions like, can we hire an independent monitor who will let us know in a timely manner about risks to our health from the water and what are the repercussions for USA-PA for selling us contaminated water, such as breach of contract lawsuits, refund for payments of water, etc. USA-PA, aka Middlesex Water Company, is a private company that Perth Amboy contracts out to for our water.

USA PA Water Contamination Notice

USA PA Water Contamination Notice