Adopt a Catch Basin

Adopt a catch basin in your neighborhood. By helping to keep catch basins free from leaves and garbage and debris, you can help protect our water and help to prevent local flooding, especially in these times of extreme weather due to climate change. Since super soaker rainfall events like IDA are more common, we can do our part to adopt catch basins and keep them clean to help care for our sewer infrastructure and protect our community.

There are opportunities to create catch basin murals to help raise awareness about keeping them clean to help protect our community. We are looking for residents or groups to adopt catch basins, and muralists will be assigned to paint a mural on them to help raise awareness about storm water infrastructure. This particular catch basin at the corner of Water and Lewis St is at a location that needs to be maintained, as it is a place where heavy rainfall can cause local flooding. The DPW and Green Team will be mapping high risk catch basins for the City to monitor. If you know of a catch basin in your neighborhood where local flooding occurs, let us know the address and take a picture.

Walk around your neighborhood and look to see if there are any catch basins you notice that need to be maintained. Take a photo, and write down the address or street intersection. Then, contact us with the info, and we can decide if we want to do a mural there and what it would be.
Perth Amboy Artworks has money for catch basin murals to pilot the Catch Basin Mural Program. We will send the catch basin info to the DPW and to the Green Team, as this city department and board works on ways to address climate change. We will also collaborate with the Perth Amboy Arts Council on the catch basin murals.