Residents Want Food Vendors at the Perth Amboy Marina

The Perth Amboy Marina has two available fixed food vending spots, but no one is serving food there. Perth Amboy residents asked why there are no vendors at the popular Marina destination. Food vendors who have in the past located at the Marina have always had great business, with the steady stream of visitors and residents parking at the Marina. In the past, Slavkos Food Truck was a popular food truck at the Marina, and since he left, there has not been a new food vendor at the Marina to take his place.  

Residents did not want fixed vending on Water St, because of the parking crisis on that street and vehicles constantly parking in emergency spaces and in front of the fire hydrant, among other issues. While vendors have been at the Water St location before, selling empanadas and ice cream for a few hours, no fixed vendor had been there in 20 years. The Council voted unanimously to remove the fixed peddlers permit at the Water St location.