Planning Board to Vote on 2 Massive Warehouses on the Waterfront

Tonight at the Perth Amboy Planning Board meeting 2 massive warehouses are seeking approval to develop on the waterfront. On the agenda “Warehouse A” will be approximately 243,600 square feet. Proposed “Warehouse B” will be approximately 800,000 square feet. Warehouse B is more than double the size of the Home Depot warehouse (300,000 square feet.). The Home News did a story in Dec 2021 on the massive warehouses proposed. In the public notice for the Jan 5th meeting, it was sent to the community from the city that the applicant were seeking variances for their project, as they are much bigger than the develop currently allowed there.

Perth Amboy has already felt the negative impact of the warehouses we do have, with increased traffic, trucking and decreased quality of life for residents who live near it. But these giant warehouses promise to bring overdevelopment to Perth Amboy and triple the negative impact to our quality of life and environment.

You can join the planning board meeting by zoom tonight at 7pm.

Edison recently listened to residents and vetoed massive warehouses. They cited overdevelopment as the reason to veto the warehouses, which is what would be happening in Perth Amboy if these warehouses are given approval.