Residents Concerned About Overcrowding, Parking, Unplanned Growth

Recently, the Perth Amboy Planning Board’s decision to ok an application for affordable housing in Perth Amboy was met with residents concerns about overcrowding, parking problems and concerns about unplanned development. Residents reacted on social media saying the location of the lot to be developed into 2 units was already in an overcrowded area with parking problems. Some asked why the lot wasn’t being acquired for open space. Some wondered if flooding would occur in the area, without the open space to absorb the increasingly heavy rainfall and what would be the impact to the area of more impervious surfaces that make more runoff. Residents suggested that instead of increasing density in an overcrowded area that the city rehab existing housing that is abandoned/neglected/ or purchase foreclosure properties.

The project that was ok’d by the planning board is a collaboration between Morris Habitat for Humanity and PARTNER (Perth Amboy Redevelopment Team for Neighborhood Enterprise and Revitalization), Perth Amboy Housing Authority’s nonprofit. The Home News reported how density was being increased “The lot required a minor subdivision to adjust the existing lot lines so the two adjacent lots will be about the same size. Also sought was site plan approval and variances for development on a lot less than 5,000 square feet, the minimum required, as well as variances for lot depth, front yard setback, and site improvements on the vacant property. ”

Throughout the past few years, residents have appeared at council meetings discussing how they would like to see overcrowding addressed, parking problems and unplanned growth.