Residents Oppose Parking Meters on the Waterfront

At the City Council Meeting, residents discussed there opposition to designating lots on the waterfront as municipal lots, with the intent to turn those lots into metered parking.

Residents said that there is a current parking crisis on the waterfront. The parking crisis has been presented at council meetings many times over the years, with the city not addressing the problems. Residents asked for an impact study to be done to assess what would be the impact of metered parking on residents,- on the current parking crisis they experience, on their quality of life and their finances. Residents also suggested resident parking permits, to help address the parking crisis.

Council President Petrick said not everyone lives at the waterfront, so it will impact Perth Amboy residents having to pay for parking. Increasing expenses to residents during the time of hardship during the pandemic isn’t a good choice.

Councilman Pabon said, we have to do this, we need money to invest in the maintaining the lots.

Councilman Torres suggested that the city could be making plans to make money and finance infrastructure improvements by embracing cannabis businesses, which would bring in money to the city instead of increasing costs to residents. Woodbridge, New Brunswick, Carteret, Edison, Highland Park and South River all have plans to make money for their cities with legal cannabis. In addition, Perth Amboy would get more money from the state for improvements through the social justice provisions that provide a portion of the state sales tax revenue to cities that were the most impacted by the war on drugs.